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From the inside out

How often are we encountering changes? How well do we cope with changes? CHANGE is everywhere. With every step we take, there is a challenge. Time changes, people change, economies change. Great world statistics keeps track of the macro changes. And, who is responsible for tracking the graphic lines at the micro universe of our personal lives?


Changes in our day to day life scenarios like: a job loss, a divorce, a loss of a family member or a close friend, could put us in a reflective frame of mind. Asking questions, my friends, can bring us a great benefit from our deepest essence. We all ask these Qs now and then: Where I am going? With whom do I want to go there? What brings me fulfilment? How I am going to arrive there?

“Quality questions create a quality life. Successful people ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers. “    Anthony Robbins 

Just like the body, our mind needs daily quality nourishment. What we read, what we hear, with whom we spend time, influences our emotional state and, implicitly the way in which we will respond to all the events. How do we embrace everything that comes to us every day? Ideally: with love and enthusiasm. How do we keep ourselves on the frequencies of harmony, regardless of the status of those around us? Ideally: with confidence and compassion. And, where do we find the button that pumps up these emotional states when they drop out among the low frequencies? Ideally: In the pockets. Through the purse. In the wallet. In the mirror. In a song. In a poem. In a dance. In hearing a child’s laughter. There are millions of ways through which we can reset the perception of any situation. With AWARENESS. With RESPONSIBILITY. But, do we really want our ideal self to run our day to day lives? How often do we feel compassion to ourselves? How often are we feeling overwhelmed and become victimized? We probably struggle and we feel that others are responsible for our reality. They keep overwhelming us, or limiting us, or simply expecting too much from us. All we do, in fact, is project on others all of our fears and unconquered limitations. Well, these are some questions I have been wondering lately.

Day after day, year after year, we do not remain unchanged. Every two years, our body is rebuilt at the cellular level. The emotions we live in are triggers for specific chemical reactions in our body. We can keep ourselves young, living in beautiful bloom, or we can pass away too early from too much fear; unresolved resentments, depression, or stress. Now that we know all this, will we allow ourselves to become more victimized? Maybe not anymore. Who can prevent us from looking after “eternal youth and life without death”? Just us.


After years of study, I understood that the things that are most important to us are born from the spiritual realm and not from the material world. How often do we follow our insights? Too often we do what we know is supposed to be done, even if it does not bring us satisfaction. Why? Where do we find the resources to stay in our true nature and cope with all the changes around us? How do we find out if our creative role has enough strength to build up a new reality? Who can give us permission for such a masterpiece? No one from outside, of course! Beyond the paradigms and programed beliefs, we grew up asking for permission to dream. We got used to bending from caring weights on our shoulders. Emotional weights. Even breathing became superficial. We are kneeling under the care of tomorrow. We’ve shortened our horizons. Some live short lives.

Have you ever wonder: What if it can be otherwise?

Let’s give up the weights. How? We give them another name: we call them experiences. We give them a different meaning. We sort them out – with clarity and forgiveness. We see what lessons we take with us and give up the events that do not bring us joy. We straighten up. Now, as if breathing is deeper. The horizon increases. We are transforming reality, just deciding to open ourselves to something else. For what? To include other meanings of our existence.

“The only source of knowledge is experience.”    Albert Einstein

I do not remember having anyone teach me, but since I’ve been a little girl I knew intuitively that any object lost through the house can be found easily and effortlessly. How? Like in a hide-and-seek game, and been somewhat detached from the result, when I least expected, they appeared as if by miracle in my immediate presence: a little button from a doll dress, an earring, or a colorful hairpin. Later on, when losing my books surprisingly they were showing up when I least expected it, behind an armchair or among the fluffy cushions of the sofa. Currently, I find the tiniest lego pieces lost by my children in the most unexpected places, and I’m so glad to lead them to embrace this fascinating game. I grew up with the conviction that the intuition would guide me towards favorable solutions in any situation, just by focusing on the desired outcome. Well, when I discovered the scientific explanation of this phenomenon: Reticular Activator System (SRA) I have lived a sublime moment of the acknowledgement of an absolute truth. It was then I understood that it is up to us to create our own reality through our voluntary attention.


We come equipped with mechanisms that we may not be aware of. They exist. They are waiting for us until we discover their true potential, and we are ready to conscientiously use them.  START research, experiment, and seek to understand the reality you live in. Look up. Connect at a deeper level with your own being. Press those emotional buttons that make you feel good. Darkness is void. Just look for the light in every situation. By resisting change, we resist life. Why not choose to live a greater life?

Crina, with reverence for life 


5 Hats of today’s woman

How to get out of the drama in life and manifest the things that we really want? How to experience the best in our life? The information is there, we have all read about it, maybe hundreds of times. Here is my insights on how we can achieve it: By the awareness of every situation; By indulging into a deep level of mindfulness. It’s in the conscious alignment of the body, mind and soul. It’s in every cell of the body, within every breath and every thought kept active.

Remember that we experience life mostly by our senses. There is a rhythm of life. Our own rhythm. In my yoga class today I’ve acknowledged the power of my feet. Later on while gardening I’ve blessed my strong feet and acknowledged the power of my hands while pulling out the weeds. A soft wind started to blow smoothly and almost took my hat. In that moment of awareness, my metaphoric side of the brain connected the dots: the five elements in nature; the underlying transformations of Nature.

When we constantly flow in our own nature, Nature flows magically within us.


They are indispensable to the maintenance of all that is alive, so they are part of us, and in some way we reflect them in each area of life.

I wear these 5 hats every day:

  1. The Fire hat, while I’m with my lovely partner
  2. The Earth hat, while I’m with my wonderful children
  3. The Metal hat, while on my life mission
  4. The Water hat, while I’m with my supportive group of friends
  5. The Wood hat, while cooking and organizing the house

WoodHere is the short story behind those 5 hats of the woman I became. It’s been a year since I took that leap of faith, and allowed myself to experience a new phase of life. RESILIENCE has been the key word in the farewell note to my corporate fellows. And, resilience indeed has been a great embodied lesson whereon I built an entire new portfolio of my professional area. In that spiral loop to the next level, I created the space to analyze every aspect of the woman I’ve seen in the mirror, every morning. Moreover, resilience assisted me alongside restoration to all the 5 pillions of my identity. Today I am a better wife; a more patience mother; more determined than ever contributor to the wellbeing of my fellow humans; a truly compassionate friend; and a dedicated housekeeper. I wear my hat collection with so much passion and commitment than ever before. Why? Because I deeply acknowledge that all this 5 roles define my vital energy.

  #1 Fire generates earth (ashes)

#2 The metals appear in the Earth

#3 The metal (by condensation) leads to the appearance of water

#4 Water feeds wood

#5 Wood feeds fire

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 #1 hat, like a flame, spreads the heat and the light. Enhances my feminine nature. I feel playful and inspired while wearing this hat. It magically projects me to the beginning of our relationship. Do you remember when you really took the time to look deeply into your partner’s eyes? I DO. Are you creating the space to spend more time together, and open up more to a new level of communication based on gratitude? I DO.

What color is your FIRE hat?

#2 hat it’s the earthly hat of creativity. The Earth gives birth to all things. I wear this hat while gardening. It keeps me grounded, and therefore cultivates my patience. Since my children are the most exquisite teachers I have ever been blessed to have, even when I’m parenting, they teach me how: with love. With persistent creativity I am keeping straight that fine line boundary between their uniqueness and the social behavioural norms of every age and stage. This hat is heavy, but it strengthen my neck!

What color is your EARTH hat?

#3 hat it’s a metallic gate of manifestation. The metal sinks under the action of its own weight. Alike my pen, this hat magically glows into the dark. It’s like my lifeline into an ocean of sighs and sorrow. It echoes my voice; sometimes in whisper, but definitely during this year it became stronger and louder. Wearing this hat I discipline and structure my natural talents and connect them to my acquired knowledge and experiences. Sometimes it works wonders. Its metallic structure mirrors the needs of others, and probably that’s why I wear it with so much love and compassion. It fits me greatly! It magnifies the light into my eyes!

What color is your METAL hat?

#4 hat of friendship flows like a river. It is cold, and it’s the narrowest of all. This one floods me from time to time, and I found that there is a real need for re-designing. Until it feels comfortable to be worn, I’ll stick with my tiny group of delightful gifted ladies, in the call for new ways of inspiration!

What color is your WATER hat?

#5 hat is as refreshing as the wood that keeps the house warm through the year. I wear this hat with so much pride. It brings me that much-needed clarity of mind while vacuuming or washing the windows, while sweeping the stairs of the house or while cleaning the dust off. I truly dwelled in this year of restoration. While cleaning and de-cluttering I’ve poured love in every corner of my cozy home. Every single day, during the long and heavy winter season, while wiping the kitchen floor, I was intentionally cleaning up the way to a new path in my professional area. And it really worked out!

What color is your WOOD hat?

Wearing the 5 hats brings me new insights under each and every one of them. While rhythmically rotating them by the energy and the links between them, I do tap into their new angles and their new Divine Design. Alike the 5 elements in Nature, my hats depend on each other and are inseparable.

I love my brand new #HatCollection! enriched by resilient sparkles!!

Play with me! I dare YOU to recognize the hats you wear every day. Take a deep breath in and answer to these Qs. Be honest! Do you give yourself permission to experience joy in every area of your life? Do you even like hats? What is your favourite one? Would you design your own #HC? If your answer is YES, than wear it with enhanced grace. If you are confused, than find your own formula to experience a fulfilled life!

Tap into your own solution!

P.S. While running, stretching or meditating: hat off! It’s then I’m wearing my crown! 😉

 Crina, with fashion taste

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Tap into your own solutions


There is a key to open a door. Another key starts an engine. A certain song accesses a memory that transcend us through time and space. A certain color can make us smile. Some of those keys are solid manifestation of matter, while others are volatile; gentle perceptions of our senses that transpire beyond form. In the spectrum of life, every day represents a key to infinite possibilities. In a perpetual magnificent dance of concentric rings, our days offer a platform for growth. The key to unlock everyday magic resides in everyone of us. It is unique for each one of us. When we are truly aware of the power that resides deeply inside, we truly are living in our greatness. The key that accesses our own solutions, can have many names and shapes. Each one of us is so complex and so unique. I called mine: clarity.

“Know thyself”

Open the light inside. What is most important in life? or What makes you happy? or What do you truly want? are questions that all of us have been asking from time to time. How often are we asking these questions? Daily? Monthly? Yearly? What drives you to achieve more? Do you desire deep personal relationships? Do you take risks to get what you want, or do you value safety more? There are related questions that help you answer the first set of questions. They also help know yourself better. When you learn about your own strengths and attitudes, you can create your own map to reach your goals more effectively. All you have to do is to get clarity about what is most important and decide to live by those values no matter what happens: Are you an employee or did you get laid off? Are you in a true relationship or decided to separate from your partner even if no one gives you the support you need? It’s already well known the only way for us to have long-term happiness is to live by our own standards and constantly act in accordance with what we believe our life is truly about. Once we step in our own greatness, day after day we experience life more from a level of creativity, rather than survival.

“Stand guard at the door of your mind.”

Knowledge is a treasure; a gold mine. Clarity is the key that will open your treasure and will bring you the joy to expand it. We live in the age of information and we are daily overloaded with data that requires immense willpower of choosing: good from bad; constructive from destructive. A new study shows that everyone is bombarded by the equivalent of 174 newspapers of data per day. In the daily tornado of information how do we discern our own thoughts? Where we can find strength to remain within the parameters of our plans and not be trained in the programming of others?

In solitude. In introspection. In silence.

YOUR time is: NOW

Take time to get to know yourself. Create time for YOU. Every day. Don’t waste a day! Listen to your own thoughts. Look deeply into your eyes. Smile to the person you see in the mirror. Allow your arms to give you a big hug. Give yourself all the compliments you would expect from others. Only you know how much you deserve them. Breathe consciously and heal all the pain that might upset you right now. Bring LIGHT and JOY to every cell of your body. Celebrate who you are becoming every day! Remember that life, it’s about the journey and the choices you make along the way, every single day. You are here to experience, to love, to grow. The key to your own fulfilment resides within yourself. Start digging! Nobody will do it in your place.

Crina, with gratitude for guidance.

Dance with Life


Do you like to dance? When did you dance last time? How often are you expressing your joy through dance? Remember, for a moment, the energy that overtakes your body while dancing. For me, dance is balance. It is the vibration from deep within which brings healing to body, mind and spirit. It’s a releasing and refreshing process at the same time.

Recently I attended to a workshop where I’ve identified my great metaphor of life:

“Life is the dancer and I’m the dance.”

Since childhood I’ve been passionate about dancing. At the Kindergarten Gala my teacher gave me the main role for a dance sequence, one with no choreography. Without any fear of failure or inadequacy, I treaded in the greatness of my genuine creativity. I remember so vividly my improvised flowing poetry: small steps in the rhythm of music, a genuine smile and shiny light in my eyes. The audience had been totally engaged and forever conquered! My teacher’s assurance and the successful experience of expressing my creativity through dance, gave me huge confidence! In many stages of life I recognized myself in the role of the girl who improvises. I haven’t always had the success of my six years old self, but I know that this role has brought me great fulfillment and somehow became part of me. It defines me. Dance taught me to look for resources inside. Life taught me to feel its rhythm rather than to listen its music. Its steps are sometimes faster, sometimes slower; sometimes in the rhythm of the Cha-cha, Waltz or Tango! It’s imagination; energy in manifestation. It’s fascinating!

It’s the magic, named LIFE!


Dance is also the recalibration of feminine and masculine polarity in the body. We know that the feminine energy doesn’t necessarily represent the female human body and the masculine energy doesn’t necessarily represent the male human body. Each of us has both Feminine and Masculine energy inside us. The feminine energy is a loving and intelligent energy that contains the quality of intuition, compassion, emotion, creativity, empathy, spirituality, and right brain thinking, while the masculine energy is an intelligent energy that possesses the quality of analytic, rational and linear thinking, competition, determination, action, and left brain thinking. When both feminine and masculine energies are strong and harmoniously merged together, they allow us to have a better understanding of life. It leads to spiritual growth and ascension.

In each of us there is a wellspring of creativity. Creativity is an attitude. When this attitude is supported by a clear structure of daily actions, the manifestation of life becomes like a dance. The intent behind every word and deed draws the lifeline. Dedicate time to get to know yourself. Where are you now? Where are you going? What do you want from life? What do you want to leave behind you? Decide to live consciously. Many around us will want to save us or will try to mold our profile after them. Beyond indecisions, victories and disappointments we all have friends who encourage and appreciate us for who we are today and for who we will become. Keep them close. Create together. Dance together. Enjoy your dance with life!

“Life is the dance between your Fears and Desires.” Anthony Robbins


Crina, with passion for dance

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From deadlines to lifelines

From a very early age we are conditioned to do more, do it better, and do it faster then everybody else. As grown ups we often put outrageous demands on ourselves just to keep others happy. Why? We often tell ourselves that we don’t have any time to waste on breaks and reflections especially when we’re under a deadline, or perhaps working on precious projects in our lives. It’s scientifically proven that taking breaks often give us time to reflect on our work, which adds meaning to what we do.

I’ve surprised myself lately starting new projects and struggling to prioritize my focus between them and those already up and running, so the next day I took that break.  I stepped aside to observe mindfully what programed beliefs are unfolding in this segment of life. When I STOP going by default and reconnect with my inner guidance, everything gets more substance and clarity.

While driving my children to school that next morning, I surprised myself on the collective urge to define, to structure and to present out loud where we are in relationship with who we are at a certain point in the cycle of life. The edifice of creativity! Connected to a larger stream of consciousness, I had a snapshot from a discussion with my husband from a week before while driving from Calgary to Edmonton. We were astonished to notice how the majority of the traffic participants were driving only on two lines even though a third line had been in place for a good portion of the way. With a giggle, I voiced an instant observation:

Only those who are really open to new experiences on their path are able to see and take the unexpected open routes for their benefit and close the gap of transition easily and effortlessly. 

Well, ending the epiphany thought, I was getting closer to a construction zone. There is a new bridge gradually circulated. Somehow, that morning, they missed using the orange cones and with my mind setting on finding new ways of prosperity, in a minute I found myself on the top of the offline bridge. I’ve been laughing unraveling the message. I got the solution to my puzzle!

Work in progress; once at the time.

Contemplating the bridge arteries in the construction mode, I allow with patience and perseverance my own projects to get a solid structure one by one in scheduled priority. With this insight I closed my eyes and visualized the bridge fully open and functioning at maximum capacity in complete harmony, from deadlines to lifelines.


What would be the appropriate age to teach my children about this concept of mindfulness? What language to use for “letting go” any pressure or expectations? Or, maybe they’ve already picked it up from their virtual world games. I just need to constantly upgrade the “Ads” and inspire them to find that reset button and start fresh; to continually give them a perspective of being enough in the process of learning how to build their own empire, called LIFE. I am amazed and grateful to remark how we grow together, regardless of age, platform and scale.

Every month I have scheduled a day off to contemplate the architecture of my life. My focus and productivity are significantly improved since I rememberd that:



“How you do anything you do everything.”

My friends: Enjoy building your own bridges and structures between your inner and outer world! Take breaks often, so you can reveal in the beauty of your journey! When you need to mirror your own strengths, please get in contact with me!

Crina – reality master builder, with LOVE

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A new stream of consciousness

My children inspire me every day.  They provide the deepest and most exquisite emotions which enrich my existence. I am immensely grateful for the privilege to be their mother.

2016-09-30 11.46.29.jpg

Today, while organizing my notes, I found a special drawing. I remember asking my son  on the day he brought it home from preschool, “What’s this, honey?” His answer came sweet and genuine:


At 4 years old, he gave me all the functioning details, of course: the way anything that gets in follows the drawn path and gets out clean and transformed. I was dumbstruck by this genial piece of art. I couldn’t stop asking:



He was answering in a quiet peaceful tone every time I was asking. WOW!! For years this special drawing has been glued on one of my office walls. Every issue or difficult situation I have had to confront since then has been projected through this magic machine, and all of a sudden the solution was appearing in the most easy and unexpected way. How come? How much power have I invested in that imaginary machine? What great forces could be consciously accessed to shift and reinvent a certain layout? In which realm does the transformation really happen? Is it inside or outside of us?

Among billions of brain cells unimaginably interconnected, believe it or not, we create our immediate reality. We manifest who we truly are inside: the specific situations in day to day lives, from our careers to the plants that decorate our homes; from our partners to all the people we connect with in every single day. In what manner is all this assembled? Well, here come the fascinating challenges of self discovery and achieving mastery over our lives.  

As a new season begins, a new cycle of life is right here touching my nose. I’ve been sensing for over two years that somehow I’ve spiritually outgrown my accountant dresses, and I’ve designed a new, more casual, collection – for “energy work“. A special and unique feeling of glory and relief impressed me exactly three months ago when I stepped away from a job that was tailored to who I was nine years ago. I embraced this huge confirmation that I’m ready to step up into my new role: master manifesto. Fully engaged I have the clarity of my steps into a new stream of consciousness. Once decided, new flow of energy connects at subtle levels and new people and events are welcomed every day into my reality. I’m right here and right NOW displaying the JOY within and witnessing divine creativity!


How well we get impressed by society to TRUST the natural flow of wellbeing and expect only good things to come to our way? How strong we BELIEVE in that infinite power inside us that everything happens in perfect synchronicity with who we become every day? Start living the life you desire by drawing a line – YOUR LINE, writing a  word – YOUR WORD, inventing a compass – YOUR COMPASS, and by taking that decision – YOUR DECISION.

“In YOU right now are all the answers to your life.”

Crina, your transformational life coach – with LOVE


The Magic Wand

I’ve always been fascinated by Psychology and by the idea of observing how people around me are running their own show in life. It took me over 10 years to comprehend and constantly apply the labor of building mindful bridges or growing spirited wings in order to connect the two worlds: the inside and the outside. These days, there is tons of advice and endless solutions to any situation available to us. Everywhere we turn our sight they can be found, for which I am immensely grateful. I’m highly resonating with some of the most committed leaders of the personal development industry, and still firmly convinced that only personal experience can enlighten the path of growth and transformation. Once we step on this magic journey there is an uplifted perception that comes along and can be labeled as synchronicity or alignment. This unique feeling wired up my two worlds forever and became my favorite relish!

Being caught in the carousel of LIFE as: an awakened mother, a spontaneous wife, a co-operative housekeeper, a docile 80% employee, and 20% free launcher – there is a major Question tickling my mind lately…

   How am I going to become more efficient in accomplishing my roles and allocating the percentages?

It’s now universally accepted that Qs are the most effective tools with which our MINDS work wonders. And, we also know that the answers present themselves all around us, we just need to listen and observe mindfully.

On a sunny Friday, while I was taking a walk in my neighborhood, I reveled in the idea that I created this space just for myself, freeing an entire morning from a tidy schedule. Anyone who knows me will appreciate my honesty and will tolerate my desire for taking a break, and contemplate “free will”. I bent to pick up a stick and smiled thinking about my oldest son, who always seems to find a stick when exploring nature.

I reflected on a conversation I had earlier that morning with my mom. She’s recovering very well after a gallbladder surgical intervention. With a cheerful voice she asked me if I wanted to hear something funny. Of course I did. I always valued our close relationship that we’ve managed to flourish; even as we live on different continents. Well, she was happy to share with me that now, during her stay in the hospital she recalls a memory from when she was in her thirties. Passionate about knitting, she dreamed about staying a week in a hospital to dedicate time to pursue her creative projects while all her relatives came to visit her and bring all kind of goodies. And now her dream has become reality! And she laughs, so I knew she really let go all the bitterness that somehow her system glued along her path. After thirty years, she finally gave herself permission to take that time off, but her passion for knitting has been gone for a long time. Now she feels the relief and the joy of a new beginning. Remember how back in those days, women simply couldn’t take some time off? No time for getting sick? Was being in the hospital the only way society accepted the absence of anyone from the duty of life? How much has society really changed? Is this how societies still work these days? Fortunately, more and more of us are discovering and exploring the power of good questions.

  Patterns and programed beliefs!

I just got the answer to my Q!! I’m so grateful to see clearly how every small decision in day to day life can open doors for new possibilities, and so excited to acknowledge that 20% of my programed beliefs are removed for good! I am here and now creating my own space, my own reality! Rather than waiting for a thirty years leg time, I choose to accomplish my creative projects, NOW!

Every day we might get concepts or identify solutions at the conscious and subconscious levels, wondering if we are on the right route, or doubting our skills. And there might be a month, a year, or ten to thirty years gap until we accept our readiness to cross that imaginary line. Here is an insight: We are ready from the moment we formulate any question! Take time to hear and notice the answer to your questions. Identify your patterns my friends, so you can smooth the design for your dreamed destination. Build a self-sufficiency mechanism. Small daily reflections can be a trusting guide for inner validation. Believe in your steps that can transcend the limitations that you think you have. Decide to live today!

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“To be human is to become visible while carrying what is hidden as a gift to others.” David White

And there is something more: the stick in my hand, alchemical became a magic wand! Just because it witnessed my thoughts on the alley!

Hocus-Pocus-Question and Listen!

Crina, The Vintage Lily – with love